Handy tips for construction of Driveway of stones in advance:

– Order all vowels in one go to avoid color difference.
– With multiple pallets, you mix the rocks for awell-distributed color mix in your driveway.
– Never remove the bricks layer by layer from a stretcher,but pile from top to bottom again for a proper color distribution of yourpaving.
– Do not clean the pavement with a high-pressure sprayer. Asa result, the stones become more porous and absorb dirt and algae more quickly.
– For your driveway where cars will park, we advise you totake plenty of time for both sandblasting and seaming / seaming afterconstruction. After the sanding of your sand bed, repeat this preferably weeklater.
– Ideally, for driveways, choose stones with a minimumthickness of 7 cm
– Lay connections in elbow or fish grade for better pressuredistribution and thus less chance of driving. More information about all theleggings you can choose can be found on our laying patterns page.