Paver Pitfalls & How To Avoid Them

Once you’ve decided that pavers are your best choice for your future outdoor masterpiece, there is one other (ok maybe two or three)things to consider for your upcoming project.

With the cost of these types of projects often exceeding the homeowners expectations, one of the main things is to do it, and do it right,the first time, without going over budget with costly mistakes or neglecting to research potential pitfalls that could arise down the road. Common sense says the first place to start is by visiting the pavers Fort Lauderdale of some of the top companies in your area to see what types of services they provide. But that’s only the beginning. You need a service that will coordinate every aspect of the project for you.

For example, there are numerous things to consider in any type of outdoor surface or hardscape project. Paver installations also involve the work of a local electrician, a professional landscaping and sprinkler expert, a lighting service company and possibly many others. These projects involve multiple other third parties that the homeowner never even considers when they first decide to undertake such a project.

A well respected company in your area (with good, solid,recent reviews will be pros at taking on this type of project for you without even batting an eye. They do many of these each month and know the potential pitfalls first hand. But it’s your job to weed (no pun intended) them out and select the very best service available.

But let’s talk more about pitfalls. As mentioned above, there are many variable at work in this project that must be coordinated together like a beautiful symphony of independent instruments (workers and companies) that overlap and must be dependent on each other to get things do in a specific order. For example, you sure don’t want to have any surfaces laid down before the sprinkler system, lighting or pipes are mapped out. Can you imagine having pavers already laid down only to realize that you forgot to have a sprinkler over there in the corner near the children’s jungle gym? Or how about having the soil being dug up, pipes being set for the water system, then having the soil replaced, only to realize that you want a Tiki Bar later on with electrical or plumbing elements that will need to be put underground?

The point is this must be a well orchestrated effort and you must be involved to make sure your hard earner money is being spent in a manner that is effective and well spent. There are many companies that do great work and there are also just as many that will not deliver the goods. We’ve become very well versed in identifying who the winners are and as referenced above one such company is fantastic. They have a great reputation in an area of the country that gets a lot of these types of projects by high end homeowners in the tropics.

One thing is for sure, there are obvious and not so obvious pitfalls to a paver installation project and we recommend that you do your research, ask neighbors and friends, and utilize the internet and all those free Google searches to not make the same mistakes that many homeowners have already made!