Which Driveway is Best?

Homeowners have many choices for new driveways, even if they hadn’t considered them. Whether you prefer the standard poured system or something more unique, there are plenty of ways to create your perfect driveways.

Some items provide function over style, while others add lasting value and personality to wherever they get installed. The next time that you need to replace your home’s driveway consider these options below.

Poured Concrete

Poured concrete driveways tend to remain the most frequently installed systems. They continue to prove cost-effective, and they can get installed relatively quickly.

Although the concrete does need at least a week to cure,it’s still faster than what your house’s foundation slab requires. In about seven days you can enjoy a new concrete driveway that lasts for years.

Paver Driveway

Paver driveways may cost a bit more to install, but they require little ongoing maintenance afterward. Plus, their unique charm creates tons of value and personality, helping you set your home apart from your neighbors.

Pavers get manufactured in a variety of different colors,patterns, and textures, but they also require a lot of hands-on installation. If you have the time for custom hand-laid pavers, you’ll have a lovely new addition that will last.

Gravel Driveways

Gravel driveways remain among the most affordable options a homeowner can find. And while the stones may sink or roll away with time and weather, adding in replacement rock remains simple.

Although gravel systems require more owner maintenance, most chores are rather straightforward. For a more rustic look and feel, try a gravel driveway installation.

Which One is Best?

The only right answer for which driveway system to have installed are the options that best suits your needs and budget. Make sure you consider all your material choices before installation.